Rainy Days

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
 I love rainy days. For some reason, once the skies turn grey all grown-up responsibility turns off and sweat pants come on. When the clouds roll in, I open my craft bin and see what I can find. I love crafting because it can be so elaborate or so minimal. Not leaving the comfort of my home, I stayed in my big cotton pants, toiled around with leather cording, antlers from old hunting racks and let the day get away with me.

How do you take advantage of your rainy days? Take a walk around your house, your room, maybe just outside your front door and see what happens!  


It's sad to see these October days end, so why not send it off with a care package? In the spirit of full moons, costumes and candy here's your time to shine! Send me a photo of a spooky spirited DIY or perhaps your Star Wars costume for a chance to win!

 items in my package:
-Pumpkin Spice Mini Wheats
-Pumpkin Spice Oreos
-Pumpkin Spice bagels and english muffins
-Handcrafted marbleized pendant necklace

how to enter:
via email
-submit your photos directly to me! everydaijoys@gmail.com
social media
-follow me on instagram @everydaijoys 
-tag me 
-hastag #everydaijoygives

Looking forward to your posts!!! Submit by 12 midnight on Halloween ! Winner announced Sunday!! 

all things pumpkin spice

Monday, October 26, 2015

The beginning of October comes to me following the months of anticipation that build in my heart for all things fall! Changing leaves, carving pumpkins, big sweaters, chilly cheeks. 
Amidst all the typical hype, my guilty fall pleasure has to be the abundance of all things "pumpkin spice". 


The material world has turned our autumnal market into an orchard of anything and everything pumpkin spice. It began as the much anticipated Pumpkin Spice Latte we all came to know and love, but this season of October has grown into so much more. 

Pumpkin Spice cookies, candles, chapstick, gum. . . hummus??? 

Where does it stop?

Alright, let me make it clear. I love the pumpkin spice season. 

So I thought I'd reflect on my experiences, things you should take time to enjoy and those you can leave behind. 

A few of my favorites (in no particular order because, come on. It's just delicious)

Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter 
There are no words. You just need this in your life. If you are a lover of PB and all things fall. This is a must in my October pantry. 

Pumpkin Pie Bagels
Inlaid with small bits of pumpkin, these bagels will add a subtle fall zest to your everyday bagel. 

English Muffins
For those who love pumpkin, but would rather not indulge in a bagel, these are for you!

Mini Wheats (notice a breakfast trend?)

Pumpkin Spice Oreos
Have you ever wanted a pumpkin pie, but not the whole pie?? Well this Oreo is just for you

Now, those are just a sampling of the many pumpkin spice item to don my pantry. 
Some of the other honorable mentions:
-Angies Boom Chika Pop
-Hershey Kisses
-M&M's Pumpkin Spice Latte

Personally, I feel like there are many things that shouldn't be turned into a pumpkin. 
Among the following:

Yes, I am a sucker of the pumpkin spice marketing scheme. It's not even that I love pumpkin. I just love seasonal things!

Tell me what you think?? 
Is there something I missed
Anything you recommend?

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Greater than a number.

Monday, October 19, 2015

"How's recovery?"

I never really know how to answer that question. 

There never really is one set answer. At least not for me. 

So much of the time, I live in this ebb and flow of recovery. Where one moment things are smooth and then next, just getting through my morning coffee is a struggle. And I LOVE coffee. (there are just no words) 

 Currently, I'm having some better moments. 

 I've been letting go of a lot lately. Things that were part of my routine, just because they were routine, but not adding to my better moods.

A few posts ago, I mentioned how Wednesdays tend to just put me in a very complex place. Typically it's when we monitor my progress through a weigh in. Ever since my mom moved in and Jake and I made the mecca back to Michigan, my physical progress has gotten better. But the weekly weight checks weren't putting me in a good place. So we decided that I would take a week off. Well one week turned in to three. And if you really knew me a few months ago, you would know that ED needed this weekly check in. It needed to happen regardless of how it made me feel. So I decided to distance myself from that need, and try just living with what I, Alicia, wanted. And it was a good three weeks.

Last week, Jake and I decided it was about time for a progress check. And I was terrified. I had felt great these past few weeks and now it was all going to come crashing down because a number was going to make me feel this way. Not cool. 

So the moment comes, and I check in. It's been three weeks, and I ate, it HAS to be so much more than last time. 

. . .

All in all, it wasn't what I had built it up to in my head. ED had gotten me all worked up, expecting the worst, and honestly, the number was easy to except. 

Maybe because I took some power away by not checking in every week? Maybe because I'm coming back into myself? 

Who knows. 

I'm excited for what's happening. 

In those three weeks, I tried new things. Ate cookie cake. Traveled to Chicago for donuts. 

I enjoyed life. 

All of these things are exponentially better than the number. 

I'm thankful for this moment right now. For my shift in attitude. And not to say that I don't have bad days still. But I think it's all in how we handle them. Bad days will build better ones. 

Lets try a DIY! -my hand at A Beautiful Mess

Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Hey there!

So not too long ago when I started off my blogosphere, I intended on finding joy in my every day life. 
Sometimes that means you create!

Surfing along on one of my favorite blogs A Beautiful Mess I came across a great DIY for new jewelry. 

I don't often wear too much jewelry, so doing it myself makes it more meaningful and fun to wear!!


Here we go!

step one:
-find all the necessary supplies at your favorite craft store. 

Supplies I used:
-oven bake clay
-silicon rolling pin or glass jar to use as rolling pin
-X-Acto knife or clay knife
-parchment paper
-super glue
-necklace chain, jump rings, and necklace closure
-gold pendant bails

step two:
-break off your desired amount of clay
-marbleize your clay together (I followed the tutorial offered here)

step three:
-cut out your desired shapes and bake in your oven on parchment paper according to your clay instrucions

 step four: 
-attach your pendants to the jewelry bail with super glue
-while glue dries, find your desired length for your chain
-add your pendant to chain
-attach jump rings and necklace closure

 step five:

It's a SUPER fun and simple way to make awesome statement pieces or small pendants to add to your accessory collection. 

Any questions? Please ask!!

DIY isn't for you? Shop STELLA AND DOT for great new styles 

Stella & Dot New Arrivals

Are YOU afraid of the dark?

Thursday, October 1, 2015
Who me?


Not at all... 

OKAY! I give. Maybe a little haha

In light of the new month, I thought I would we could chat a bit about fears. 

Have you ever (and I’m sure you have) had a really ridiculous fear. But it was a legitimate fear? And even though it’s something that really scares you, there’s no logical way it would happen to you or the odds are you're going to be alright? 

Well, my crazy fear is that I’m going to be trapped under an icy river, you know, like in Balto? Sucking for life on the bottom of a sheet of ice..


The odds of this happening to me are practically a zero. But, it’s still a weird fear of mine. Haha. 
So yea, 
that’s me. 

Another funny fear of mine, but it has been a huge reality in my life, is the fear of being normal. 

Weird right?

But yea. It’s something that I’ve really been pushing through just recently in the last few weeks. 

What does it look like for me to feel normal? You might be wondering. . .
How I’ve recently noticed I’ve felt normal
-ordering food out at restaurants
-preparing a dinner for my family AND joining them in the same meal
Aforementioned meal ^^

-being excited for different foods
-feeling comfortable eating (not thinking about it anymore)

Doesn’t really seem like much to be afraid of am I right?
But it’s been a crazy struggle letting go of one comfort zone, and finding comfort in this new way of life. 
Most of the time I really haven’t minded the level of comfort I have had with my meals. It’s been kind of nice.
And like I mentioned last week. I’m really able to recognize myself. Alicia wants her body to be healthy. And Alicia understands exactly how to get there, and she’s comfortable doing it. 

So why am I so afraid?

This is normal.

Well. I’m not afraid. 
ED is. 

That’s where I’ve been this week. Finding my confidence in the middle of this fear, that really isn’t even my fear!! 

And it sucks. 

One minute I’m super jazzed about my self, feeling really good, body image is up. 
Heck ya- I’ll eat Taco Bell 

Red Lobster? Suuuuure!

Snow Crab: conquered!

Then the next minute I’m plagued with thoughts, freaking out about “how could I have let myself get so comfortable?” “What are you doing??”

But this life isn’t what I’ve worked for. It’s what ED has worked for. And I’m really excited to start working toward a life that I want. 

So yea. I still have a lot of scary moments where I sit and freak out because I’m scared. Have bad body image. Just want to be sad. Or angry. 

But I’m learning to have a peace about all these things. Because I feel like if I can’t experience these emotions without having a peace about them, I think ED will keep me stuck. (Sorry if I ramble, I’m think-typing! haha) 

So I’m really excited about being normal but also really afraid. 
But really there’s nothing to be scared of. There’s nothing wrong at all with normalcy 
It’s just a matter of letting go of the comfort zone I’ve lived in so long. 

What’s annoying though, is that this fear is SO irrational. What’s so bad about being normal?? Odd’s are I’m going to be alright. But like I said. Everyone has silly fears ;)

-What do you think?
-Any crazy ridiculous fears?
-Anything you want to conquer this fall?

-Any good fall recipes??? :)
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