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Thursday, January 28, 2016

I literally can’t believe January is almost gone. Like, where did the month go??

I don’t know about you but I’ve barely had time to realize the month was on its way out.
I mean, come on! People talk about the holidays being busy, but geese it’s practically Valentines Day!

Ok, ok, lets not get carried away.

But there have been so many things I’ve wanted to do with this blog, and I’ve felt beyond stuck!

I don’t know what it is, but I feel, still. I’ve been going through life, day to day, but nothing has really been happening. But at the same time SO much is going on. And if I’m really honest, I think I’ve been afraid to write again.

When I really sat down and wrote my previous blog sharing my ED story, life got really hard. 
I struggled so much to stick with my plan, to stay motivated to keep moving forward and to continue to be healthy. The weeks I sat down writing that blog, Satan was using ED so loudly in my head and I feel like it has taken me until now to really re-coup from all that mental pushback.

I just really haven’t felt like I could write.
Or that I had anything worth saying.

But I’m excited to be back. And hopefully feeling a little more authentic.

Lately my posts have just felt forced. And I apologize!!
I love love love you all, and am so honored you take the time to read my blog.

Here’s what I’m thinking: I REALLY need inspiration.

Soooo. I want to hear from you!!


What would you like to read on the blog?

-Do you have any questions for me that you would like me to answer? Wether it’s about my eating disorder, my apartment, my puppy or my favorite color?
-What sort of things would you like to see posted? More personal posts? DIY? Recipes?
-And how are you??? Any exciting plans for the Superbowl??

Reach out to me however you can :)
Comment below
Email me: 
Talk to me in person (wut wut)


Tuesday, January 19, 2016
"There's been an awakening. Have you felt it?"

A gentle force has entered into our small little galaxy Jake and I have called home, and his name is Kenobi.

This gentle little giant has been a blessing coming into our lives. And this unexpected twist into our new year has taken Jake and I on a crazy adventure into puppy parent-hood. 

It's only been a few days since he arrived into our home, and there is so much Kenobi has already brought into our lives. 

A few tid bits we've learned about Kenobi, just so you can get to know him better:

He loves open windows, even in the frigid cold. 

Snuggling is his favorite 

He loves sleeping in the "in-between" spaces of our coffee table. 

The TV captivates him from time to time, especially when The Office is on ;)

And, like me, he also thinks selfies are awkward. But I couldn't resist!!

So this is him! And we couldn't be happier. There will be plenty more puppy posts to come. I'm so excited for the little ray of light he'll continue to be in our humble abode.


Wednesday, January 6, 2016
hello there!

I don't know about you, but the post holiday slump is starting to hit hard around the house these days.
I love the holidays. All sides of my family having parties, getting together, holiday food, crazy amounts of baking. The Christmas marathon keeps me going right up until the new year.

But something about ringing in 2016 just seems a bit "heh". I don't know?

Maybe I need a resolution?
I don't know.

But it's 2016!! What is happening??

First things first, get ready for my blog to get much cuter.
Why you ask?
Jake and I will be welcoming a very furry addition to our house next week!!

There's going to be so much puppy love, you won't even be able to handle it.

So, with puppy prep taking up most of the time lately, I haven't really been able to get back into my usual grove.
But, we'll see where this little step takes us next.

Just thought I'd pop in and say "hello" and be on the look out for some newer and cuter bloggin'.

What do YOU think??
-How do you feel post holiday madness?
-Is there anything more you'd like to see on the blog? (recipes, projects, personal posts, puppies)
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