the end of my comfort zone

Monday, July 4, 2016

I’ll do whatever it takes.

I find I say that to myself quite often when I know what I want.
This is where I want to be, “X” is what I want to do. I’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

But what happens when the “whatever” comes.

It’s knocking on your door. Telling YOU, “Hey, this is what needs to be done to get there” and all of a sudden you find yourself SUPER comfortable and happy with where your life is right now.
That goal you had in mind. That thing you once wanted. 
Ehhhhhhhh maybe it’s not so necessary, right?
Who needs it anyway?
I’m happy right where I am, because if getting where I want to go, means doing that “whatever” I’ll be just fine, right here.

This cycle of life happens SO much.
I’m kind of living it now.

Many of you who have followed me, and my blog are probably familiar with my past struggles and my story. Over the last year, my life has changed drastically from where I used to be, and how I used to live my day-to-day life.
As life has shifted and changed, so has my mentality and things I want and aspire for myself.
The tone of this blog may change from that of  “only about recovery” to the other avenues I am finding myself in. One in particular is fitness.

You’re probably asking yourself, “well what does fitness have to do with doing whatever it takes”.
Here’s where I fill you in!
A huge motivator in my recovery has been weight lifting. I LOVE lifting weights. I attribute a lot of my recovery to just gaining the knowledge of my body, understanding proper fueling and training regimens to be where I would love to be physically.
So this is where that “whatever” comes in.
I know what I want. I have goals for myself and for my body. I would love to lift X weight, look stronger, and build more muscle. And in the end, I know what that looks like. And I would love nothing more than to hop over the rainbow from one end to the other, just skipping all that middle stuff.

But that’s not life.
Life IS the middle stuff.
So in order to get to my “X” goal, I needed help with the middle.
I’ve learned so much on my own, but currently, I felt like my progress was not progressing.

I reached out, and have found incredible help! And when I got my new training program and nutritional programming in my email yesterday. I was so terrified.
The training looks exciting; I literally cannot wait to hit the gym.
But then I read the nutrition.
He has increased my caloric intake. My proteins and carbs increased from where they are currently.
Basically I’ve been eating and training for maintenance. The last 5 months, I’ve maintained. And for a while that was great. But recently it’s been irritating. Muscle weighs more than fat, so why has the scale not even moved UP??
I’ve been so stuck physically, and it’s getting on my nerves because I know where I want to be and the progress just isn’t happening.
So here in my email, are his tools to get me where I want to be. And I’m scared.
I’m talking myself out of it.
What’s so wrong with where I am now?
So what if I can never squat any heavier?

But that’s not what I want deep down.
All this fear of the whatever is keeping me from just jumping right in and using all this help.
You have all probably seen those motivational signs “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.
I’ve probably walked past fifty different styles of that phrase at Hobby Lobby alone.

But it’s so true.

When we stay so comfortable and unwilling to do the “whatever” are we really reaching our truest goals?
Because I’m not.
So here is my first of many posts as I embark on this 12-week program. I’m so excited for the change and all the help I’m getting to work toward my goal.
I’m excited to see the physical changes along with the mentality changes as well J

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